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L & T Limited - Power Contactors

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Power Contactors, Over Load Relays, HRC Fuse Links, Fuse Holder, Motor Starters, Main Switches, Change Over Switches

Power Contactors

ISI Marked Contractors Type PC

Operating Current (le) for AC -3 Duty
Salient Features
Thermal Overload Relays

ISI Marked Thermal Overload Relays Type PC

Range :
Salient Features
line Motor Starters

ISI Marked Direct on line Motor Starters Type PK1

Current ratings : 15 A Thermal, 11A, AC 3 at 415 VAC Salient Features

Citation Series

Citation M Overload Relays
Citation M, bimetal, overload relays provide complete protection to three phase motors against overloads single phasing and severe unbalanced voltages.
Salient Features

NHD Series

NHD - 2 Pole Contactors
NHD - 2 Pole Contactors
The single phase power control, 2 pole power contractor type “CPG” is based on proven design of NHD contractors that has enjoyed the confidence of customers across various segments.
Specifications & features
NHD - 4 Pole Contactors
NHD - 2 Pole Contactors
NHD – 4 Pole Contactors have definite use with many distinctive features. they offer choice of add-on auxiliary contact block with configuration 1NO + 1 NC Or 2 NO + 2 NC
Specifications & features

Citation M DOL Starters

Citation M, Direct-on-line starter meets the need of high reliability in a wide range of applications. They are for switching AC motors upto 30 HP at 415 V three phase and offer complete motor protection against overloads, single phasing and severe unbalanced voltages, all in accordance with IEC & IS Specifications
Specifications & Features

Agriculture Motor Starters

Shakti WP DOL Starters
Specifications & Features
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